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 Ken Copeland has found that the Lake Wanaka Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Mr Copland, 63, cover for galaxy s3 didn't return home on Sunday afternoon as planned after going fly fishing alone at the mouth of the Makarora River.

He was a Justice of the Peace, marriage celebrant and member of Wanaka Community Board.

Police say that searchers from the Police Search and Rescue, LandSAR and Wanaka Coastguard recovered Mr Copland's body at about 5pm on Monday in the lake about 1km north of Boundary Creek.

Family members had raised the alarm when he had not returned home on Sunday.

A fly fishing backpack and Labrador dog belonging to Mr Copland were found on a gravel island at the mouth of the river on Monday morning, cloud computing companies along with a set of footprints leading into the water.

Senior Constable Mike Johnston said it looked like Mr Copland had waded into the water and onto a terrace off the gravel island.

He likely slipped off the edge of the terrace into the flow of the river and into the lake wigs long hair.

His death has been referred to the coroner.

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 The news of the latest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

IT'S MIDWAY THROUGH the week and you want to get up to speed on the latest news topics and catch up on opinions and insights.

We're here to help you do just that, nu skin with our three midweek longreads:

1. Toxic truth

Sarin is the chemical confirmed to have been used in the deadly attack in Damascus, Syria – but what is Sarin? Ian Sample writes about the history of this lethal poison, and why it is "one of the most murderous weapons in modern warfare". (The Guardian )

Approximately 9 minutes reading time – 1980 words

Sarin takes such a dreadful toll on the body by interfering with a specific but crucial aspect of the nervous system. It blocks an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, with devastating consequences. Nerves that usually switch on and off to control muscle movements can no longer be switched off.

Instead, they fire constantly.

2. Power and disease

Eva Hershaw writes in The Atlantic about the fact that marital sex represents the single greatest risk for HIV infection in rural Mexico. She meets HIV+ women and finds out why 'machismo is deadly'. (The Atlantic)

Approximately 13 minutes reading time – 2634 words

Tears came easy as they described the moment they received their diagnosis, the children and grandchildren who brought meaning to their lives, g-suite cardinal and the fears that continued to haunt their thoughts. All the stories had one common thread: each of the women at the workshop got HIV from their long-term partners, most of them from their husbands.

3. Reality bites

Over in Opinion and Insight, Lisa McInerney tackles a recent profile of a reality TV star that drew ire online. She asks: should we direct our distaste at airhead figures like Roz Flanagan, or the system that creates them? (TheJournal.ie)

Approximately 4 minutes reading time – 805 words

It might come as a shock to Ireland's C-list, but people in general have little problem with the moneyed; Hello magazine wouldn't sell at all if everyone was wound up over Kate Middleton's audacious shoe collection g-suite cardinal manchester. Sky wouldn't use David Beckham's snazzy, espresso-sipping lifestyle as a way to sell its products if the rest of us didn't find him a teeny-tiny bit inspirational.

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 The man accused of killing his parents Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A Florida man accused of killing his parents and then throwing a party with their bodies still inside their house was ordered Thursday to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Authorities said Tyler Hadley killed his parents, Mary Jo and Blake Hadley, in July 2011 when he was 17, then spent three hours cleaning up the blood before hosting a party. Hadley pleaded no contest in February to two counts of first-degree murder. Judge Robert R. Makemson in St. Lucie County actually handed Hadley two life sentences, calling the crime brutal, heinous and premeditated. The judge also accused Hadley of manipulating experts and lying about hearing voices. Hadley's attorney had argued for two 30-year sentences, to be served concurrently, with a review after 20 years. On the night of the killing, police said, Hadley stopped at an ATM and then picked up some friends en route to the party, flashing about $5,000 in cash. About 60 people gathered for a party at the family's Fort Pierce home, playing beer pong, smoking cigars and drinking. The victims' bodies were later found lying in their bedroom. Friends described Hadley as being in a good mood and hospitable during the party. One friend said Hadley had planned to hold a second bash the following night. At the party that night, Hadley asked an unidentified friend to step outside to talk and told him about the killings. The friend was shown a bloody footprint in the garage and, ultimately, the bodies in the bedroom, police said. Word of the killings eventually made its way around the party, police said. The friend tipped off police, leading to Hadley's arrest early the next morning. Hadley told a friend interviewed by police that his father had punched him in the face several times, according to investigative files previously released by prosecutors. But a fellow inmate said Hadley told him he'd never been beaten or molested, the files stated, and the man's brother, Ryan Hadley, called his parents "awesome" and said his brother was a "pathological liar." Evidence seized from the home hinted at some mental problems for the defendant, including a receipt for a mental health center and a bottle of an antidepressant medication, according to authorities. A fellow inmate has told police that Hadley has signed jailhouse autographs, has called himself "hammer boy," and says he has talked with the devil, according to the files released by prosecutors. Authorities said the death penalty was not a sentencing option under law due to Hadley's age at the time of the deaths.

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 A gift of love Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In 1945, a 12-year-old boy saw something in a shop window that set his heart racing. But the price—five dollars—was far beyond Reuben Earle's means. Five dollars would buy almost a week's groceries for his family.

  Reuben couldn't ask his father for the money. Everything Mark Earle made through fishing in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada. Reuben's mother, Dora, stretched like elastic to feed and clothe their five children.

  Nevertheless, he opened the shop's weathered door and went inside. Standing proud and straight in his flour-sack shirt and washed-out trousers, he told the shopkeeper what he wanted, adding, "But I don't have the money right now. Can you please hold it for me for some time?"

  "I'll try," the shopkeeper smiled. " Folks around here don't usually have that kind of money to spend on things. It should keep for a while."

  Reuben respectfully touched his worn cap and walked out into the sunlight with the bay rippling in a freshening wind. There was purpose in his loping stride5. He would raise the five dollars and not tell anybody.

  Hearing the sound of hammering from a side street, Reuben had an idea.

  He ran towards the sound and stopped at a construction site. People built their own homes in Bay Roberts, using nails purchased in Hessian sacks from a local factory. Sometimes the sacks were discarded in the flurry of building, and Reuben knew he could sell them back to the factory for five cents a piece.

  That day he found two sacks, which he took to the rambling wooden factory and sold to the man in charge of packing nails.

  The boy's hand tightly clutched the five-cent pieces as he ran the two kilometers home.

  Near his house stood the ancient barn that housed the family's goats and chickens. Reuben found a rusty soda tin and dropped his coins inside. Then he climbed into the loft of the barn and hid the tin beneath a pile of sweet smelling hay.

  It was dinnertime when Reuben got home. His father sat at the big kitchen table, working on a fishing net. Dora was at the kitchen stove, ready to serve dinner as Reuben took his place at the table.

  He looked at his mother and smiled. Sunlight from the window gilded her shoulder-length blonde hair. Slim and beautiful, she was the center of the home, the glue that held it together.

  Her chores were never-ending. Sewing clothes for her family on the old Singer treadle machine, cooking meals and baking bread, planting and tending a vegetable garden, milking the goats and scrubbing soiled clothes on a washboard. But she was happy. Her family and their well-being were her highest priority.

  Every day after chores and school, Reuben scoured the town, collecting the hessian nail bags. On the day the two-room school closed for the summer, no student was more delighted than Reuben. Now he would have more time for his mission.

  All summer long, despite chores at home weeding and watering the garden, cutting wood and fetching water—Reuben kept to his secret task.

  Then all too soon the garden was harvested, the vegetables canned and stored, and the school reopened. Soon the leaves fell and the winds blew cold and gusty from the bay. Reuben wandered the streets, diligently searching for his hessian treasures.

  Often he was cold, tired and hungry, but the thought of the object in the shop window sustained him. Sometimes his mother would ask: "Reuben, where were you? We were waiting for you to have dinner."

  "Playing, Mum. Sorry."

  Dora would look at his face and shake her head. Boys.

  Finally spring burst into glorious green and Reuben's spirits erupted. The time had come! He ran into the barn, climbed to the hayloft and uncovered the tin can. He poured the coins out and began to count.

  Then he counted again. He needed 20 cents more. Could there be any sacks left any where in town? He had to find four and sell them before the day ended.

  Reuben ran down Water Street.

  The shadows were lengthening when Reuben arrived at the factory. The sack buyer was about to lock up.

  "Mister! Please don't close up yet."

  The man turned and saw Reuben, dirty and sweat stained.

  "Come back tomorrow, boy."

  "Please, Mister. I have to sell the sacks now—please."The man heard a tremor in Reuben's voice and could tell he was close to tears.

  "Why do you need this money so badly?"

  "It's a secret."

  The man took the sacks, reached into his pocket and put four coins in Reuben's hand. Reuben murmured a thank you and ran home.

  Then, clutching the tin can, he headed for the shop.

  "I have the money," he solemnly told the owner.

  The man went to the window and retrieved Reuben's treasure.

  He wiped the dust off and gently wrapped it in brown paper. Then he placed the parcel in Reuben's hands.

  Racing home, Reuben burst through the front door. His mother was scrubbing the kitchen stove. "Here, Mum! Here!" Reuben exclaimed as he ran to her side. He placed a small box in her work roughened hand.

  She unwrapped it carefully, to save the paper. A blue-velvet jewel box appeared. Dora lifted the lid, tears beginning to blur her vision.

  In gold lettering on a small, almond-shaped brooch was the word Mother.

  It was Mother's Day, 1946.

  Dora had never received such a gift; she had no finery except her wedding ring. Speechless, she smiled radiantly and gathered her son into her arms.

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 Deliciously Sweet Elements of Happiness Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1. Passion When you have a passion that pours out of every cell of Health Cabin Coupon Code your body, others cannot help but take notice, and you cannot do anything else. It can consume your life and when you are in this state, there is an ever so present aspect of joy and happiness. Being passionate is not just something that you have to do, but something that you absolute love to do bringing a smile to your face no matter the ups and downs that you are facing. 2. Bliss Bliss is that element where you know you can't escape it. Essentially you are 100% happy with life at this moment and time. You are content and love where things are going. Bliss is what we all need and yet is one of the things that we never talk about as most think it is unattainable, but in reality it's all in our mindset. 3. Peace Happiness brings about a sense of peace in your life. When you are peaceful, there is not any source of worry entering into your life. You are content, happy and enjoying the moment that you have right now without any turmoil. 4. Smiles A smile is contagious. It shines with energy,strength, happiness, and joy. The more you smile the more you are happy. It's difficult to be happy without having a smile on your face. 5. Memories Memories are a double edged sword; however, the good memories are ones that are rarely forgotten and are often brought up when times are tough. 6. Joy Spend time realizing what brings the smiles to your face, what makes you laugh contagiously, and what gives you that overall since of joy and happiness. When you are joyful, you are Hong Kong sightseeing happy. It's difficult to have one without the other. Having a fulfilled happy life means that you must showcase joy daily sharing with others what makes you smile. 7. Friends and People You Love Spending Time With It's been proven that you are the average of the five people that you spend time with. Are the people you are spending the most time with ones that help showcase your happiness? If you begin to feel happier with less complaining and have a better perspective on life, then nuskin hong kong you should keep those friends close by. We don't realize how important it is to have others that help us see the joy and happiness in life until they are far from our lives. Keep those people close by and happiness will always be a part of your life.

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